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ATLAS      Asset Trailer Location Acquisition System

ATLAS is a self-contained, satellite-based mobile asset tracking solution. It contains an internal antenna, battery, and STU and is delivered complete and ready to install. The compact rugged enclosure attaches easily to the top of a cargo container, railcar or trailer. ATLAS uses the GPS Solutions system to provide location and asset status data via the ATLAS Data Portal to an, internet accessible, back office display supplied by GPS Solutions. ATLAS is programmable and can transmit on a scheduled or event-driven basis.


  • Completely self contained, requires no external batteries, antennas or harnesses
  • Easy to install using industrial adhesive or screw mount
  • Configurable, location updates can be scheduled on a routine or staggered basis with intervals ranging from 30 minutes to 45 days
  • Customizable, the 4 alarm settings can be set independently to report conditions like door open, temperature change, moisture change, or smoke detection. (Sensors not included)
  • Long-life, battery expectancy is 3-18+ years
  • Robust, the geo-fencing data capability provides notification if an asset crosses a user defined boundary.



  • Internal battery or line-power
  • Integrated or remote antenna
  • Single or dual tethered temperature sensors
  • TTL serial configuration or sensor port


  • Door contact switch cables
  • Adhesive installation kit
  • PDA Field Programming tool
  • Custom cable assemblies

Trailer/Asset Tracking

First and foremost, Asset Trailer Location Acquisition System (ATLAS) gives you the control to locate any asset (i.e. heavy equipment), or trailer in your fleet throughout North America. It is this precise focus that will enable you to minimize the costs associated with lost, stolen, or abandoned equipment and trailers.

The ATLAS Unit Features Easy Internet Access


Available on demand, use tracking to locate and assist any missing asset or trailers among your fleet. A web-based map will enable you to zoom in and out on the clearly marked asset.

Electronic Fencing

Tracking software alerts you when predefined boundaries have been crossed or entered.

Alarm Reporting

Notifies you when proactive alarm conditions exist.

First In Class Design

Self contained, flush mount, self contained battery powered unit for ease of installation.

History Review

Review location and data for the past 30 days.

Low Battery Notification

Reports when tracking device battery needs servicing.

Inventory Report

Weekly/Monthly automated asset tracking reports.

Concealed Options Available

Optionally designed for your asset tracking needs.

The ATLAS proprietary integration system takes advantage of our expertise in wireless, GPS, and Internet technologies.



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