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GPS Covert SmartAntenna

The Next Generation in GPS

  • Based on new supersensitive GPS technology
  • Entire device is smaller than a credit card
  • Installs under the dash and out of site and harms way
  • Highly tamper resistant with nothing to screw off or disconnect
  • Highly tamper evident as unit needs to be damaged to disable it
  • Mounts in minutes using high bond 3M double sided tape
  • Includes support for power take off and magnetic door sensors
  • Software was designed by an engineer with a PHD in Mathematics
  • Super accurate and always on so it never misses a beat

Start Your Web Browser

  • Multi-Level Security
  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • User
  • Fleet Level Security
  • Cookies Remember IDs
  • Easy Password Helper

Manage large fleets and back office staff easily!

  • Manage your startup profile
  • Set the screen refresh rate
  • Pick your default view
  • Select what you want to see and how your want to see it!

Simple Yet Robust User Interface

  • Multiple System Modes
  • Report Only Mode
  • Map Only Mode
  • Split Screen Mode
  • Multiple User Options
  • Filter Data
  • Export Data
  • Print Reports
  • Find Closest Vehicles
  • Multiple Map Options
  • Standard, Satellite & Hybrid
  • Multiple Map Overlays
  • Real-time Traffic
  • Location Icons
  • Data Bubbles
  • Easily navigate between fleet views and vehicle views
  • The report grid & map view auto sync as selections are made
  • Maps are loaded dynamically as you pan and zoom

Minimal training required!
Multiple Map Views
Powered by Google Maps
Reports – Vehicle Activity

  • Color coded status and activity
  • Select your date or a range of dates
  • Filter results to see idling events, rows in a state or even rows in a selected city.
  • Reports can be set to auto update
  • Print or export the data including filters
  • Easily select another vehicle or fleet
  • Easily select another report or view

Reports – Start Stop

  • Easy to read from left to right
  • Easy to spot long stops or driving periods
  • Idling issues are obvious
  • Run report for one vehicle or a fleet
  • Totals & averages help you compare driver performance and route effectiveness
  • Easily spot trouble and opportunities to improve

Reports – Mileage By State

  • Pick a day or a period a vehicle or an entire fleet
  • Super accurate mileage based on SmartAntenna’s proven mileage accumulation process

Finding the Closest Vehicles

  • Find vehicles by location
  • Type in a dynamic address
  • Limit by vehicle type
  • Limit by radius
  • Limit by fleet

Fleet & User Management

  • Easily create multiple fleets
  • Add a vehicle to multiple fleets
  • Manage your own users
  • Assign a security level
  • Admin = All
  • Mgr = Can’t add users
  • User = View only
  • Users can be limited by fleet

Location Management

  • Supports location types
  • Easy to see boundaries
  • Map moves as you move
  • Map automatically changes scale as the radius increases
  • Reduces overlapping
  • Multiples locations per site
  • Works great for
  • Rail yards
  • Quarries
  • New construction
  • Rural Areas

You just can’t do this right using a standard map!
Vehicle Management

  • Manage your vehicle attributes
  • Configure sensors
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance schedules
  • By Mileage
  • Days
  • Engine Hours
  • Easily reset counters after each service

Email Notification for Alerts

  • You tell the system what data is important to you and how you want to be notified
  • The system checks incoming data on a real-time basis and alerts are sent immediately
  • Send alerts to both your desktop and your mobile phone at the same time
  • Alerts help you pick out the data that is most important to you

Heartbeats keep it Current

  • SmartAnntenna sends a heartbeat every hour when a vehicle is stopped or idling
  • A quick look at the fleet status report tells you that all of your devices are operational
  • Avoids senseless pinging by giving you information you can trust and count on
  • No more they parked it last week, I wonder if the unit is working or the battery is dead

GPS Tracking is the Key to Saving Money!
Less than a 1 year ROI!

  • Save gas because drivers drive slower, stop idling, don’t deviate from the route
  • Reduce overtime, customer complaints, vehicle repairs and DOT violations
  • Increase customer satisfaction, driver safety, margins and jobs per day
  • Most customers have less than a 1 year ROI when installing a GPS tracking system

GPS Covert Screen Shots:

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