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Solutions to Keep Families on Track

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Drivers age 16-22 are involved in more accidents & vehicle fatalities than all other age groups combined. The number one cause of these accidents is speeding.

With a tracking system from GPS Solutions you will know exactly how the vehicle your teenager is driving is being used.

GPS Solutions' system qualifies for lowest risk factor deductions from insurance underwriters.

Our system will tell you:

  • Whether a child is operating a vehicle responsibly
  • Where the vehicle stops
  • How long it is there
  • What route it took
  • How fast it traveled along the route

You can also set up a zone that the vehicle is not to travel out of. If the vehicle travels outside of the designed area you will be alerted on any device that accepts E-mail and text messaging.

You will also get an immediate alert that a vehicle exceeds a pre-determined speed. You can also get an alert when a vehicle arrives at a specific address.

Do you know where your children are?

Two out of five deaths among the teens in the United States are the result of a motor vehicle crash.*

The real-time Internet accessible application provides various features and functionality to aid parents in the monitoring of their teen drivers. Functions included in application are the ability to locate and find their child's vehicle. The vehicle's location is updated every 5 minutes and can be seen in real-time as well as a historical track or "bread-crumb" trail for the day or any time in the past 3 months. Outside of the graphical representation of data, there are reports that are generated in the application for beginning to end of day, stops, speed, as well as a detailed activity for that vehicle. Lastly, the software was designed for notifications of occurrences to allow remote monitoring of the vehicle. Parents can configure e-mail alerts for when vehicles travel in and out of zones, over a certain speed threshold, within a particular saved location, and even the first movement of the day.

Features include:

  • Monitor and document driver training activity
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and trip history
  • Viewable reporting via a standard Internet connection
  • Excessive speed alerts
  • Restricted hours alerts
  • Restricted zone alerts

*2001-2002 injury fact book - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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