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SignalTrac1    *See screen shots at bottom of page

SignalTrac1 Ultra
A Robust, User Friendly, Web Based, GPS Fleet Management System designed to be extremely user friendly and easy to learn...
Garmin Integration
Route your vehicles and communicate with your drivers using the most user friendly GPS based route management and communications system available today...
Easy to install and hard to defeat, SmartAntenna by SignalTrac is the industrial strength solution for GPS fleet tracking...

The Next Generation in GPS

  • Based on new supersensitive GPS technology
  • Entire device is smaller than a credit card
  • Installs under the dash and out of site and harms way
  • Highly tamper resistant with nothing to screw off or disconnect
  • Highly tamper evident as unit needs to be damaged to disable it
  • Mounts in minutes using high bond 3M double sided tape
  • Includes support for power take off and magnetic door sensors
  • Software was designed by an engineer with a PHD in Mathematics
  • Super accurate and always on so it never misses a beat

Start Your Web Browser

  • Multi-Level Security
  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • User
  • Fleet Level Security
  • Cookies Remember IDs
  • Easy Password Helper

Manage large fleets and back office staff easily!

  • Manage your startup profile
  • Set the screen refresh rate
  • Pick your default view
  • Select what you want to see and how your want to see it!

Simple Yet Robust User Interface

  • Multiple System Modes
  • Report Only Mode
  • Map Only Mode
  • Split Screen Mode
  • Multiple User Options
  • Filter Data
  • Export Data
  • Print Reports
  • Find Closest Vehicles
  • Multiple Map Options
  • Standard, Satellite & Hybrid
  • Multiple Map Overlays
  • Real-time Traffic
  • Location Icons
  • Data Bubbles
  • Easily navigate between fleet views and vehicle views
  • The report grid & map view auto sync as selections are made
  • Maps are loaded dynamically as you pan and zoom

Minimal training required!
Multiple Map Views
Powered by Google Maps
Reports – Vehicle Activity

  • Color coded status and activity
  • Select your date or a range of dates
  • Filter results to see idling events, rows in a state or even rows in a selected city.
  • Reports can be set to auto update
  • Print or export the data including filters
  • Easily select another vehicle or fleet
  • Easily select another report or view

Reports – Start Stop

  • Easy to read from left to right
  • Easy to spot long stops or driving periods
  • Idling issues are obvious
  • Run report for one vehicle or a fleet
  • Totals & averages help you compare driver performance and route effectiveness
  • Easily spot trouble and opportunities to improve

Reports – Mileage By State

  • Pick a day or a period a vehicle or an entire fleet
  • Super accurate mileage based on SmartAntenna’s proven mileage accumulation process

Finding the Closest Vehicles

  • Find vehicles by location
  • Type in a dynamic address
  • Limit by vehicle type
  • Limit by radius
  • Limit by fleet

Fleet & User Management

  • Easily create multiple fleets
  • Add a vehicle to multiple fleets
  • Manage your own users
  • Assign a security level
  • Admin = All
  • Mgr = Can’t add users
  • User = View only
  • Users can be limited by fleet

Location Management

  • Supports location types
  • Easy to see boundaries
  • Map moves as you move
  • Map automatically changes scale as the radius increases
  • Reduces overlapping
  • Multiples locations per site
  • Works great for
  • Rail yards
  • Quarries
  • New construction
  • Rural Areas

You just can’t do this right using a standard map!
Vehicle Management

  • Manage your vehicle attributes
  • Configure sensors
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance schedules
  • By Mileage
  • Days
  • Engine Hours
  • Easily reset counters after each service

Email Notification for Alerts

  • You tell the system what data is important to you and how you want to be notified
  • The system checks incoming data on a real-time basis and alerts are sent immediately
  • Send alerts to both your desktop and your mobile phone at the same time
  • Alerts help you pick out the data that is most important to you

Heartbeats keep it Current

  • SmartAnntenna sends a heartbeat every hour when a vehicle is stopped or idling
  • A quick look at the fleet status report tells you that all of your devices are operational
  • Avoids senseless pinging by giving you information you can trust and count on
  • No more they parked it last week, I wonder if the unit is working or the battery is dead

GPS Tracking is the Key to Saving Money!
Less than a 1 year ROI!

  • Save gas because drivers drive slower, stop idling, don’t deviate from the route
  • Reduce overtime, customer complaints, vehicle repairs and DOT violations
  • Increase customer satisfaction, driver safety, margins and jobs per day
  • Most customers have less than a 1 year ROI when installing a GPS tracking system

SignalTrac1 Screen Shots:

Click Images for Larger View

SignalTrac1 Login

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