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Solutions to Keep Businesses on Track

What can GPS Solutions do for your business?

  • Eliminates Unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Eliminates Employee moonlighting with company vehicle.
  • Qualifies for lowest risk factor deductions from insurance underwriters.
  • Eliminates unauthorized side trips during day.
  • Reduces overtime & unnecessary hours.
  • Verifies service & billing to your customers thus eliminating billing disputes.
  • Finds & dispatches closest vehicle to service call.
  • Optimizes fuel usage.
  • Increases MPG by controlling speeding.
  • Reduces accident rates.
  • Find stolen or missing vehicle in seconds.
  • Monitor PTO activity.
  • Monitor doors opening & closing.
  • Data can be integrated into other software applications.
  • Driver log for DOT reporting.
  • Calculate driven miles within each state for fuel tax reporting purposes.
  • Increase number of service calls or deliveries your vehicles make in a day.
  • Peace of mind- As a business owner or fleet operator you will sleep better & worry less knowing your vehicles are only being used for your business, not monkey business.
  • Receive E-mail alerts if:
    • Vehicle exceeds assigned speed threshold.
    • Leaves specified zone.
    • Arrives at a specific location.

GPS Screen Shots:

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New Features

Features Just Released include:

  • Online Routing - Point to Point, Point to Multi-point - Textual directions and visual mapping. Directions can be sent directly to the driver's cell phone.
  • Maintenance Module to help you keep up with oil changes, tire rotations, etc.
  • Email Messaging right from the web app to any handheld email addresses including cell phones

New Mapping Features include:

  • New maps are updated 2x annually, more accurate street data
  • NEW Map Visual with auto-sizing screen, will adjust to computer screen size
  • Easy, "drag box" zoom control, Zoom in by dragging and dropping, zoom out with a right click
  • New map symbols and fleet colors, user defined vehicle label colors
  • On-screen visual "ping" with positive and negative acknowledgments

New Report Features include:

  • New Reports include: Miles driven by State, Driver Report, Location Report, Alert Report, and Sensor Reports
  • Historical Auto-play feature with active bread crumb trail display
  • All reports are downloadable into either an Adobe .PDF, Excel .XLS, or .CSV
  • End User can have reports generated and as email attachments in MS Excel or .PDF format on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Ability to query all reports for 90 days of data

New Alerts Include:

  • Maintenance (i.e. Scheduled maintenance notifications)
  • No Movement (i.e. Alert if no movement before 9 AM)
  • Extended Stop (i.e. Alert if no movement if stopped for 60 minutes)
  • Sensor (i.e. Alert for back-door opening)
  • Location (i.e. Alert for in or out of a defined location)
  • New Alert Summary details all alerts

Please Contact Us for more information.

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